April 21, 2016

St Anselm (Optional Memorial)

I. Introduction When I was in the seminary, I regarded St. Anselm as the driest of all saints as I grappled with his writings, especially his ontological argument for God’s existence. Immersed in his thought, I missed the rich tapestry of his life. But this morning, happily, I can stand before you to say that...
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Father Hurst Farewell

I. Introduction A. Father Witherup, members of the General Council, Father Kemper and your fellow Provincials, Chorbishop Beggiani, Fr. Hurst, Fr. Leavitt, dear brother priests and deacons, religious women and men, alumni, David Kinkopf, Trustees and benefactors, members of the faculty and staff, and most of all, dear seminarians and students: B. We’ve gathered this...
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Seventh-grade scribe wins kudos from archbishop

Hannah Shaffrey, seventh-grade, wins the first annual Sacred Heart Middle School Essay Contest.
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Rescued refugees report hundreds drowned in Mediterranean

The same day Pope Francis brought 12 Syrian refugees to Rome from Greece, a merchant ship rescued 41 refugees, including a 3-year-old child.
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Charity begins at home, but must not stop there, pope says

Charity is an essential sign of Christian faith, Pope Francis told leaders and volunteers from Italy's diocesan Catholic charities.
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Movie Review: “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”

Positioned to bookend the action of 2012’s “Snow White and the Huntsman,” this lavishly staged adventure is well intentioned but dull.
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