April 15, 2016

Religious Leaders in Baltimore Host Interfaith Prayer Service on One Year Anniversary of Baltimore Unrest

A large group of faith leaders from religious communities serving in the Baltimore area will participate in a prayer service on Monday, April 25th at 7 p.m. at the Basilica of the Assumption in Baltimore. The service will bring together people of all faiths to pray for peace, healing and unity in Baltimore on the...
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Miracles from Heaven and the Problem of Theodicy

As any apologist worth his/her salt will tell you, the great objection to the proposition that God exists is the fact of innocent suffering.
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Sanders says his invitation to Vatican wasn’t political endorsement

U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said attending a Vatican conference on Catholic social teaching did not represent a political endorsement.
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Ugandan orphans serenade Towson with message of joy

Father Francis Ouma, originally from Uganda, received a unique opportunity to share his culture with Towson’s Immaculate Conception community.
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Movie Review: “The Jungle Book”

Check out "The Jungle Book" (Disney), a lavish retelling of the 1894 collection of stories by British author Rudyard Kipling, in theaters now!
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