February 25, 2016

Archbishop Lori and Seven Faith Leaders from Baltimore to Travel to Rome for Spiritual Pilgrimage, Blessing of Pope Francis

Unprecedented trip is a sign of solidarity among faith leaders committed to serving the city, addressing core issues together PRESS CONFERENCE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29 AT 12 NOON As a sign of their commitment to working together for the good of the City of Baltimore and its citizens, several leaders of faith communities from Baltimore will...
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‘Risen’ and the reality of the Resurrection

Frankly, 'Risen' conveys the edgy novelty, the unnerving reality of the resurrection, better than much contemporary theologizing.
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I want privacy

As a tech geek and student of computer networking, I have been intrigued over the last few days regarding Apple defying a court order to unlock an iPhone. Not just any iPhone, but the iPhone 5C owned by one of the suspects from the San Bernardino shooting that left 14
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Fresh start: Pope calls for integration of divorced into church life

Those who hope Pope Francis will give divorced and civilly remarried Catholics a blanket welcome back to Communion and those who fear he will open the doors to such a possibility are both likely to be disappointed by his decision.
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Jerusalem bodybuilder breaks barriers for Palestinian women

Belian said it has been hard for family and friends to understand her devotion to the sport; some have told her to get a job and get married.
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