February 23, 2016

Bishop challenges Catholics to combat ‘ugly tide of anti-Islamic bigotry’

San Diego Bishop Robert W. McElroy is challenging U.S. Catholics to take an active role in combating “the scourge of anti-Islamic prejudice.”
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Justice Scalia: Man of the people

Justice Scalia perceived that the greatest threat to self-government was the Supreme Court's tendency to read into the Constitution the values it would like society to adopt.
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Movie Review: ‘Risen’

Fine acting, lavish settings and the sense of humor frequently evident in Reynolds’ script all add up to an unusually effective big-screen treatment of the origins of Christianity.
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Archbishop Lori hosts mayoral candidates

Archbishop William E. Lori hosted faith leaders from the City of Baltimore and candidates for Baltimore mayor for an early morning meeting Feb. 23 to discuss issues of mutual concern in the city.
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Would the real shamrock please step forward?

It’s not often I take on controversy here, but there are times I just can’t stay silent.I have a responsibility to you, my readers, to take on the hot topic of the moment.So let’s take a deep breath, roll up our sleeves, and dive in.Here we are, just a few
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