December 5, 2015

Consecration to a Life of Virginity Karen Bartos

I. Introduction Father Lacey, Father Bowen, Father McGovern, priests, deacons, Sr. Maria Luz, women and men religious, members of Karen’s family, her friends and co-workers, all dear friends in Christ: Today the Church consecrates Karen Bartos to a life of virginity. As we heard in the reading from the prophet Hosea, God has called Karen...
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Aberdeen parishioners spread cheer year-round

Dedicated parishioners of St. Joan of Arc spread cheer year-round.
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Father DeSantis served young people and lay people

Conventual Franciscan Father Linus DeSantis, who ministered in education for 45 years, died Dec. 1. He was 72.
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Upon parenthood, people’s political views grow more similar, study finds

Americans hold a variety of diverse opinions on a number of political issues. Sometimes, they veer to opposite ends of the political spectrum. But the one thing that not only bridges those gaps but brings them closer together is parenthood.
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