August 23, 2015

21st Sunday 2015

Introduction: A Moment of Decision Years ago it was not uncommon for seminarians to begin their studies in high school. We used to call them “lifers” and I am among the last of the lifers. I entered high school seminary at the age of age of 14 in 1965. It was quite an adjustment. The...
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Town in France that educated Carrolls reaches out to Baltimore

Saint-Omer officials make visit to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
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Popemobile shipped to U.S. ahead of pope’s arrival

More than a month before Pope Francis was scheduled to arrive in the United States, his ride landed on U.S. shores.
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Christian educators say Israeli policies could force school closures

Dozens of Christian schools in Israel could be shutting their doors this school year, but a Catholic priest is hoping a meeting with officials can avoid that.
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Next stop: Gotcha Day celebration on the light rail

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the day we met our younger son, so we told him he could plan his day. He took that role seriously.Daniel had announced we were taking the light rail to Gettysburg, but the light rail doesn’t run to Gettysburg, and he didn’t want to drive.Next he
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Why I’m crying as our child starts kindergarten

As our little boy walks into school to start kindergarten today, I’ll have tears in my eyes.It’s not just that I want to hold onto our baby a little longer.I’m crying because I worry that I should have prepared him better for the challenges and questions that come with starting
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