July 30, 2015

With boost from Baltimore, Haiti school celebrates first grads

Deacon Rodrigue Mortel and a local delegation were among the honored guests July 12 in St. Marc, Haiti, for the first graduation from the James M. Stine College.
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When baby parts are worth more than the baby

57.5 million children and counting who have died through legal abortion in the U.S. since 1973. The stain of a sin this big and this unchecked by society for more than 40 years cannot be fully grasped, much less examined.
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Church leaders want Israel to step up protection of Christian sites

Those who carry out the attacks adhere to an ultranationalist stance that often calls for ridding Israel of non-Jewish organizations.
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Prisoners, volunteers, teens invited to celebrate Jubilee with pope

More than a dozen individual celebrations will be scheduled for the Jubilee of Mercy in 2016.
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The case of the stolen birthday gift

 “Now that he’s left the room, I’ve got some bad news,” Becky said.She had just arrived to join us on our Ocean City vacation, which also included a small family birthday party for Collin, who is her godson.“Someone broke into my car and stole his gift. I don’t want him
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