June 30, 2015

Shark alert: Hammerhead sculptures beneath South Florida’s Blue Heron Bridge turn fear into fun 

The beach by the Singer Island, Florida pump house (Photo: From the webcam at the Palm Beach Lake Worth Inlet)Sharks... Just the mention of the word elicits emotions ranging from fear to excitement to trepidation to intrigue... They have been in the news many times over the past few weeks. There
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Pope Francis’ United States of America Schedule

The schedule for Pope Francis' September 2015 Apostolic Journey to the United States has been released.
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Messy Mondays

In the lime green room, plastic  covers the floor.  It’s the perfect setup for the birth of a Jackson Pollack masterpiece, but today’s artists are much smaller.  Toddlers waddle across the canvas in onesies and diapers armed with a variety of painting tools, their parents chatting and distributing red, orange,
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New church with capacity of 700 will accommodate Frederick growth

When completed, a new church for St. Katharine Drexel in Frederick will accommodate up to 700 worshippers.
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Sister Helene Fee, I.H.M., dies at 76

A funeral Mass for Sister Helene Fee of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, was offered June 26 at Our Lady of Peace Residence in Scranton, Pa.
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Game design, education and evangelization

Young people operate Playstation controllers at a gaming exhibit. (CNS photo/Reuters)Ever since taking a game theory course in college, I have been playing German-style board games. I knew I had a problem, an addiction of sorts, when my wife bought me a strategy game for Valentine’s Day last year. Nothing
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