June 11, 2015

Catholic Review Column: Let the Year of Mercy Start Now

May was the bloodiest month in Baltimore in some four decades, as 42 people were murdered in our city during those 31 days. It is not even mid-June and the violence continues as six more people were killed in Baltimore last Saturday and Sunday. As though this sad news were not disturbing enough, it has...
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Let the Year of Mercy start now

It is easy for us to sit in judgment, to discount the violence, to block it from our minds and hearts as something that doesn’t have an effect on me, my family, my friends. To do this would be to turn one’s back on the very faith that compels us to show our compassion and...
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Reflecting on cancer: Relay for Life

I try not to think about cancer. After all the time I’ve spent standing helpless on the sidelines watching good people fight a vicious, faceless force from the inside out, I try not to let my mind collapse under the weight of painful memories and recurring images of human suffering.In
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Archdiocese of Baltimore sends out a stellar class of 2015

Twenty Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore graduated a total of 2,310 seniors this spring.
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School’s out: Summer prayers and blessings for families and educators

Area schools started dismissing for summer break last week. By next Friday, school children and teens from all parts of Maryland and the Archdiocese of Baltimore should be finished the school year and ready for some rest and relaxation... And swimming and outdoor play...  And summer camps and trips
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Bishops discuss upcoming encyclical, pope’s visit, uses of social media

The U.S. bishops gathered in St. Louis for their annual spring general assembly.
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