June 7, 2015

Anniversaries of Corpus Christi Parish and Ordination of Fr. Martin Demek

Introduction Sometimes things just come together in a wonderful way. This is one of those Sundays. It is the patronal feast of your parish, the 135th anniversary of its founding, the 40th anniversary of the priestly ordination of your pastor, and into the mix is added my first though not last pastoral visit. Who could...
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Peace demands passion, patience, hard work, pope tells Balkan nation

God's plan for creation is peace, Pope Francis said during a one-day visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina June 6.
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Love, quadrupled: Scott Family thrives at New All Saints

The Scott Family thrives on love and faith at New All Saints in Liberty Heights.
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As a pro-life church, let’s consider how we talk about adoption

During the homily last Sunday our deacon was speaking about spiritual adoption. He told us we should consider God’s love from the perspective of a person who has been adopted.Prior to being adopted, the deacon said, that person feels rejected. That person feels that no one has ever loved him.
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It’s a… butterfly!

This morning when Daniel came in to wake me up, he had already checked the caterpillars.“They’re not hatched,” he said.On my way to the kitchen, I checked and he was right. The chrysalides were still intact.I went to the kitchen to start making breakfast, walked back to check on the
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