June 5, 2015

Memorial of St. Boniface

Introduction St. Boniface was a natural leader. He was well-educated, well-connected and everyone thought he would stay in his native England to pursue a promising career as a churchman. If he had stayed, there is little doubt he would have succeeded yet his name would have been all but lost to history. Had he chosen...
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Mass for Knights of Columbus State Deputies

Introduction Thank you, Worthy Supreme Knight. It is a pleasure to be with you this morning and to have the opportunity to congratulate our newly elected state deputies and to offer a few reflections and words of encouragement to all our state deputies, together with the Supreme Officers and Supreme Directors. The first job of...
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Canadian commission: Reconciliation with aboriginals to take ‘hard work’

Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission used the term "cultural genocide" to describe what happened to aboriginal Canadians.
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