May 22, 2015

Look of love: Jesus’ gaze will change your life, pope says

The gaze of Jesus can change a person’s life just like it did with St. Peter, Pope Francis said.
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Vibrant stories bring New York Catholicism to life

Lifelong New York Catholic Patrick McNamara has written a tribute to the uniqueness and vitality of a most distinctive Catholic milieu.
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Legacies abound at St. Joseph in Fullerton

Eighth-graders at St. Joseph in Fullerton are set to follow trails blazed by parents.
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Abundance of media connects people far and wide to Romero beatification

The use of modern media to move and consume news of the beatification of Oscar Romero might be a fitting tribute to the Salvadoran archbishop.
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What we’ve seen and heard

The past three weeks have awakened a sleeping giant in Baltimore.
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Movie Review: Poltergeist

The result of this remake is a sometimes scary but mostly silly tale of suburbia under siege, suitable for mature viewers only.
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