May 4, 2015

Archbishop to Announce Major Technology Initiative for Catholic Schools Tuesday

Archbishop William E. Lori will be joined by Catholic school administrators, principals, students, and representatives from an industry leading technology manufacturing firm and an innovative curriculum provider for an announcement of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) initiative for students of the Archdiocese’s Catholic schools. WHAT: Announcement of major technology initiative for Catholic...
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Governor joins archbishop in Sandtown-Winchester for prayer and peace

Governor Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. designated May 3 as as a Day of Prayer and Peace for Baltimore’s healing.
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Catholics call for justice at One Baltimore Faith Rally

There were easily a couple thousand at the peaceful faith rally, calling out “Amen” and “Mmm-hmm” in response to local leaders.
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‘If we want vocations, we’ve got to pray for them’

For nearly an hour, more than 200 people from across the Archdiocese of Baltimore knelt in silent prayer.
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From sons to Fathers: A mother’s perspective on vocations

Stephanie Rubeling of Frederick has two sons pursuing the priesthood.
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Movie Review: Ex Machina

The crass misogyny of “Ex Machina” overwhelms any thoughtful considerations it might have to offer on artificial intelligence.
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Keeping our children’s stories safe until the day they are ready to share

Even before we adopted our children, we knew we would protect the stories of the first part of their lives—long before they met us.In our pre-adoptive parent training the social workers told us that you never want your child to learn about his or her origins from someone other than
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