July 3, 2014

Catholic Review Column: The Joy of the Gospel, Part 9 of 9

It was some months ago that I began this series on Pope Francis’ exhortation, “The Joy of the Gospel.” It’s been my attempt to offer a summary of this document which reflects the Holy Father’s prayer, thought and style. These columns are no substitute for reading the pope’s own words. I hope, rather, that they...
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Declutter and destress

You could say I’ve always been an organized person. My notebooks for school were always neatly divided and every paper had a place to go. I made detailed lists and schedules. Back when JCPenney and Sears still out Christmas catalogs, my list was so detailed, you wouldn’t even have to
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St. Stephen, Bradshaw, parishioner recalls wartime service

Elizabeth Kruger, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, Kruger is the first female named Maryland’s Catholic War Veteran (CWV) of the Year.
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