April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday 2014

Introduction: Passionate Love Recently I visited St. John the Evangelist Elementary School in Severna Park. I asked a second-grader, “What do you get when you go to Church on Palm Sunday?” He answered, “A long reading!” In fact we listened to two readings. The first described Jesus triumphal entry in Jerusalem. The second described Jesus...
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Buon giorno, Italia Journal Day 3 from Florence, city of faith and fashion

Greetings from Florence (Firenze), the capital city of Tuscany. We arrived here last night just in time for dinner and some quick explorations around town in foot under the beautiful moonlight. Our weather has been perfect, thanks be to God!!Here are some photos which include our Friday evening overview and
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Only God can make a tree

We moved into our new home last fall, so we are watching spring bloom with special excitement this year.I have no green thumb, but I do love to watch the trees and flowers burst into color, and over the past few weeks I have been watching one tree in particular.First
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