Only God can make a tree

We moved into our new home last fall, so we are watching spring bloom with special excitement this year.

I have no green thumb, but I do love to watch the trees and flowers burst into color, and over the past few weeks I have been watching one tree in particular.

First fuzzy buds appeared. Then they started to open.

I could tell the blossoms would be pink or purple, but I couldn’t guess what kind of tree it was.

After I posted a photo here on Friday, two of my loyal blog readers suggested it might be a magnolia. One even sent me a link to pictures of a saucer magnolia. I’m fairly sure she’s right.

Today Daniel and I went out to see our tree. Even though I pointed at all the petals on the yard, he wanted to pick a flower off of the tree itself.

The tree seemed to have plenty to spare.

So I lifted him up. He stretched and stretched.

And then he stretched some more.

He just couldn’t reach it.

So I reached up and plucked one off for him.

He was so happy.

Our little guy loves the outdoors and all the flowers and trees and living things he encounters—well, except for bees. He is terrified of bees. And he thinks any insect that flies past that isn’t a butterfly is a bee. But he isn’t at all scared of a flowering tree (though as my spring allergies start to kick in, I’m not sure I can say the same).

And he is enjoying getting to know the flowers around our house with me. Today, after our visit to our magnolia tree, we learned how to arrange forsythia stems in a vase.

Tonight when Daniel and I were saying our bedtime prayers, we thanked God for birds and flowers and trees, and for our first spring in our new home.

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