March 28, 2014

Transfiguration renovations are about reviving church, faith community

“I can’t wait to see the parishioners walk in and say, ‘Wow,’ ” Father Inwang said.
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Clarksville school host to national live streaming lesson

St. Louis School is no stranger to the benefits of technology in the classroom.
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New biography celebrates Mother Seton’s tenacity

In 1975, writer Joan Barthel submitted an article to an editor at the New York Times. The subject was Elizabeth Ann Seton.
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Enjoy life, don’t waste time searching for a restroom due to bladder problems

If you enjoy shopping, dining out or other activities, but worry about locating the restroom because you have to frequently go to the bathroom, you may have urinary incontinence. You’re not alone.
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Movie Review: Noah

“Noah” begins as a fairly straightforward recounting of the biblical story, but veers off into a grim, scripturally unfounded drama.
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Car trouble

I first noticed the problem when I first drove my car after returning from a trip to St. Louis.  The day after I got home, an indicator on my dash informed me that the tailgate was open on my Honda Pilot.  Fortunately, I was just leaving to take Collin to
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