February 27, 2014

Catholic Review Column: The Joy of the Gospel, Part 2 of 9

One year ago Pope Francis was elected. Almost from the start, it was clear his papacy would be transformative. But what sort of change does the pope have in mind? Is it merely a change in style? Or is it a change in various church teachings? In the first full chapter of his exhortation, The Joy...
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Archdiocese argues banning the criminal checkbox could put vulnerable at risk

Alison D’Alessandro, director of the archdiocese’s Office of Child and Youth Protection, voiced her concerns about "Ban the Box."
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Catholic Throwback Thursday: 2008 Yankee Stadium Mass with Pope Benedict XVI

   It's Catholic Throwback Thursday!!  This Tuesday I made a proposal that we flood social media today by posting old photos with a Catholic connection notated with the hashtag #Catholictbt to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  Today I am starting my own weekly Catholic Throwback Thursday with a special tribute to Pope Emeritus Benedict
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Inside Sports: St. John’s Catholic Prep cheerleading team grounded in trust

The St. John's Catholic Prep cheerleading team showcases a new dance at each game.
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Movie Review: Son of God

As the first wide-release film in nearly 50 years to focus on the life of Jesus as a whole, “Son of God” (Fox) represents an epochal event for believing moviegoers.
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Catholic Throwback Thursday: Remembering a Cathedral in China

Before we traveled to China in August 2011 to adopt our younger son, John and I looked online and found a Catholic cathedral in Guangzhou. We knew we’d be spending almost two weeks in that city, so getting to Mass as a family seemed like a real possibility.That Sunday morning
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