February 13, 2014

Catholic Review Column: The Joy of the Gospel, Part 1 of 9

Everyone is talking about Pope Francis. Everywhere I go people tell me how much they love the Holy Father, how inspired they are by his example, and what renewed interest in the faith they and their friends are experiencing. As we approach the first anniversary of Pope Francis’ election, I can attest that he has...
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Snow brings much of Baltimore archdiocese to a halt

The heaviest snowfall of the winter led to the closure of schools, institutions and offices in the Archdiocese of Baltimore Feb. 13.
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Winter Storm Pax, being a snow angel, and a prayer for those in need of shelter and heat

    Over a foot of snow greeted us this morning at our home in Barrington in Bel Air (Photo by Patti Murphy Dohn)   The snow started last night as Winter Storm Pax made its way up the I-95 corridor into DC and Maryland. Everyone knew what to expect for days in advance
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Snow (again), Ninjago valentines, renewing our vows, and more in 7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —Our boys are planning to build an igloo or a fort or a snowman today because we are enjoying about 20 inches of snow—our biggest storm of the year so far. By saying “so far,” I am not implying that I am hoping for another. I just don’t
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