November 5, 2013

Why did we decide to adopt?

Even before John and I were married, we talked about adoption. I wouldn't say we felt called—just that we felt that adoption was a beautiful option.We were looking ahead to a future that we assumed would include children. And if biology didn't cooperate, we would pursue adoption.That was as far
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Mom’s group nourishes women’s spiritual life

A core group of eight moms meet twice a month at the home of St. John the Evangelist, Hydes, parishioner Melanie Hecht to pray and discuss their faith. (Tom McCarthy Jr. | CR Staff)
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Josephites still reaping the Harvest

A celebration honors the 125th anniversary of The Josephite Harvest, the official magazine of the Josephites.
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Having a bad day? Be kind always.

    “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about…  Be kind always.”   Working with teenagers for over three decades has provided many opportunities to understand that the smile on a person’s face often masks the fears and worries that they carry around with them. And this is indeed true
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