August 8, 2013

Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention – Remarks of the Supreme Chaplain

I. Introduction: the Election of Pope Francis Let me begin with words of deepest gratitude to you, my brother Knights. Like my fellow chaplains, I draw much strength from being with you in these days and find much joy in my service as Chaplain of the Order. Let me also ask you to join me...
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Mrs. Barberry’s Top Ten Tips for Surviving High School

With a new school year upon us, a range of emotions swells in the hearts of teachers and students everywhere.  What will this year be like?  What if...?  Will everyone like me?  How will I get by? I've spent the past eight years teaching English and drama, mostly to high school
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Kudos to the EnCourage group

How wonderfully refreshing to see an article describing how we, faithful Christians, support each other in our efforts to educate ourselves and love our children who are same-sex attracted.
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