September 10, 2012

2012 Democratic National Convention

The recently completed 2012 Democratic National Convention uncovered precisely who and what the liberal, progressive, secular, pro-death Democratic Party is all about. In short, they removed God from the party platform and only after news reports surfaced did they "restore" God to the platform.
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T. Rowe Price paddles their way to a third Dragon Race victory

UPDATED: Catholic Charities’ Dragon Boat Races raise money, awareness and support for the organization’s charitable programs.
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Maryvale alumnae earn Gold Awards together

Before heading off to college this fall, these Maryvale students earned Gold Awards as Girl Scouts.
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Calvert Hall to be honored at Ravens season opener

Calvert Hall’s peer ministry group will be honored by the Baltimore Ravens and the Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism at the Ravens first home game Sept. 10 at M&T Bank Stadium.
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Mama, why are there newspapers?

Our sons and I commute together every day, so we cover a lot of conversational ground as we drive. One day I realized Leo had been sitting quietly without his usual stream of conversation. Then he spoke up. “Mama,” he asked, “why are there newspapers?” Um. Well. That should be an easy one, right? He...
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