2012 Democratic National Convention


The recently completed 2012 Democratic National Convention uncovered precisely who and what the liberal, progressive, secular, pro-death Democratic Party is all about. In short, they removed God from the party platform and only after news reports surfaced did they “restore” God to the platform.  This was met with strong opposition and shouts of “No” and Boo’s from the convention delegates, who are well aware they must first remove God from the public domain in order to push forward their socialist agenda for America.


Their leader and nominee is once again President Barack Obama who voted against the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” and financially supports and defends Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars. The Democratic Party supports and promotes Planned Parenthood every step-of-the-way and is complaisant in allowing abortion at every heartbeat during a woman’s pregnancy and has no regard for an unborn baby’s right to life. 


So the question becomes, how can any person calling himself or herself a Christian be supportive of the Democratic Party? Do they support no God and no faith for America? If so, there is no way they can call themselves Christian or be considered a Christian.


Manuel L. Branco Jr.


Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Glen Burnie


Catholic Review

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