August 8, 2012

IND teacher perpetuates example of St. Louis principal

Katie Snyder considers her former Resurrection-St. Paul School teacher a mentor.
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Passing the Torch Series – Olympic Truth 2

Passing the Torch: A Series on Olympic Truths Collin was just 7months old when the 2010 Winter Games were held in Vancouver. Now, at the age of 3, I feel obligated to explain the Olympics to him. So, I let him take a long nap on Friday so he could stay
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Movie Review: Hope Springs

NEW YORK - Although fundamentally moral, “Hope Springs” (Columbia) - a skillful mix of comedy and drama that focuses on the problems of one long-married couple - is also significantly flawed.
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Nuns, both real-life and fictional, get the cinematic treatment

Nuns continue to be, as they have been for decades, an intermittent presence in popular culture.
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Good news on Maryland infant mortality still leaves questions

The State of Maryland released a new report indicating that infant mortality is on the decline. That’s good news, isn’t it? According to reports in the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post, Governor Martin J. O’Malley and State Health Secretary Dr. Joshua Sharfstein released some new, encouraging numbers that note that while there are still
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