April 16, 2012

Notre Dame Prep products follow art teacher’s footsteps

Kate Martiyan was in a creative slump in art class during her high school senior year in 1993. It didn’t last long.
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Lent is over, but not our resolutions

 Lent is over, but not our resolutionsNot too many people miss Lent. After all, putting away your hairshirt, if you’re a Carthusian, does not elicit the same post-holiday depression as packing up your Christmas ornaments. Moreover, Lent ends with most glorious feast of the Christian calendar, which is hardly comparable
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Cardinal encourages Catholics to sign marriage petition

Catholic parishes are collecting signatures for a petition to bring Maryland's same-sex marriage law to a popular vote.
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Video: Protestors say bar misuses Catholic symbols

A Fells Point bar has some Catholics up in arms over religious items on display.
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MCC: General Assembly session ‘tremendously disappointing’

The Maryland Catholic Conference's leader hopes the lawmakers will reconvene for a special General Assembly session.
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Let the little children come to me

 Wow. When I wrote about our struggle with whether to take our young children to Mass, I never expected such an overwhelming response. So many of you have been there – or are still there – and offered helpful advice and encouragement. I even felt a little ashamed that I haven’t
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