February 13, 2012

February consistory to create new cardinals will feature changes

VATICAN CITY – In part to avoid giving the impression that becoming a cardinal is a sacrament or quasi-sacrament, Pope Benedict XVI will use a revised, streamlined prayer service to create 22 new cardinals in February.
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Thoughts on our Church: To Rome with sobering thoughts of home

As I go to Rome for next week’s consistory, at which I will be elevated to the College of Cardinals, I do so with thoughts of the faith and ethical traditions that have long marked the Church in Baltimore, and the ethical standards that have been the hallmarks of the Maryland “experiment.”
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Wit & Wisdom: We win some, we lose some

Since I often write my columns well in advance of their publication, it's difficult to be “timely” in my topics! For example, I'm writing this column the day after the Ravens’ loss to the Patriots. Right now this is a “hot” topic. In a few weeks it may just be a game we fans want...
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Former St. Agnes student flips for gymnastics

Joe Kreft had never participated in gymnastics, but hearing about and seeing Maryland’s Gymkana exhibition team left him intrigued.
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