January 30, 2012

Less reliance needed on government

It seems the more we rely on government for our needs, the more beholding we are to the government.
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Movie Review: One for the Money

NEW YORK – The title of the forgettable fish-out-of-water comedy “One for the Money” (Lionsgate) recalls Carl Perkins’ seminal hit, “Blue Suede Shoes,” a song covered most famously, of course, by Elvis Presley. While this lukewarm cinematic offering won’t knock you down or step in your face, its surfeit of profane dialogue does slander God’s...
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Mass changes are refreshing, force one to focus

As someone who has been Catholic for all of her 15 years, I sometimes (OK, more like most of the time) don’t appreciate the Mass as much as I ought. I try to focus, but honestly, I think we can all admit that we get distracted.
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