Less reliance needed on government

It seems the more we rely on government for our needs, the more beholding we are to the government.
I do not question our social doctrine that as Catholics we should have a preference for the poor. I further commend the many Catholic charities that have done so much for the needy. This is all in keeping with our faith.

I wonder however, what good we accomplish when politicians cater to one injustice that gets them votes while supporting a more serious injustice whose victims have no vote.

Petitioning pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage politicians to provide for the poor does little to advance the full intent of Catholic social doctrine to secure justice for all including the unborn.

The more our Catholic charities are able to serve the poor in both their corporal and spiritual needs, the more we might find an increase instead of the decrease we have been experiencing over the last 50 years in faith and family values as a result of gross civil injustice – often with support of Catholic politicians.

Jim Devereaux


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