Mass changes are refreshing, force one to focus


As someone who has been Catholic for all of her 15 years, I sometimes (OK, more like most of the time) don’t appreciate the Mass as much as I ought. I try to focus, but honestly, I think we can all admit that we get distracted.

But the changes in the Mass forced me to focus. Suddenly, I didn’t know what to say, and I had to read the responses. As a very visual person, I understood what never made sense out loud as soon as I read it on paper.

For example, the part in the Nicene Creed where it says “God from God, Light from light, true God from true God” I had never understood. I never questioned it, but I had no idea what it meant.

Actually looking at the new version of the creed, I realized it was referring to Jesus. But without the changes in the Mass, I would have gone on in the dark. Also, the changes include a wonderful simile “like the dewfall” which reminds me of going to sleep dry and drained, and waking up covered in so much grace that it drips off like the morning dew off the grass blades.

The changes are a wonderful thing that can bring us to a fuller appreciation of the Mass. The leaders of the church are trying to bring our Mass closer to the early celebrations. Their guidance is inspired, and we need to trust that they know what is best for the church and for each one of us.


Carina Danchik

Via email

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