January 3, 2012

Former Baltimore Anglican church hopeful about formation of new ordinariate

WASHINGTON – Pope Benedict XVI has established a U.S. ordinariate for former Anglicans who wish to become Catholics and named a married former Episcopal bishop to head it.
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Vatican agency says at least 26 church workers killed in 2011

VATICAN CITY – At least 26 Catholic pastoral workers were killed in mission lands or among society’s most disadvantaged communities, although they were more often the victims of violent crimes than persecution for their faith, said a Vatican news agency.
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MCC hails arrest of abortion doctors

The Maryland Catholic Conference is hailing the late-December arrest of two abortion doctors who were involved in a botched abortion that severely injured a woman at an Elkton clinic in 2010.
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Priest’s voice resonates

I just want to mention how welcome are the columns by Father Peter Daly, of St. John Vianney Parish in Prince Frederick. He can evoke resonances of the human condition; it reminds me that we are all part of the communion of saints!
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Laity need education

I have no objection whatsoever to the prayer changes in the Mass, but they seem so minor to my seasoned years that I wonder why all the fuss. There are changes every day in the readings and the prayer changes in the Mass do not change what the Mass was, is and will continue to...
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Need to serve extends past Christmas season

From Thanksgiving to Christmas and right on through New Year’s Day, people feel an overwhelming need to give of themselves through service.
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Blessed John Paul’s childhood Jewish friend dies in Rome at 90

ROME – Jerzy Kluger, known as Blessed John Paul II’s lifelong Jewish friend and one who had a deep impact on the pope’s commitment to improved Catholic-Jewish relations, died in Rome Dec. 31 at the age of 90.
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N.J. nurses don’t have to assist in abortion in new hospital agreement

NEWARK, N.J. – A group of 12 nurses who sued the University Hospital in Newark over a policy requiring them to care for patients before and after abortions can no longer be compelled to assist in these procedures, under an agreement reached in federal court.
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