September 20, 2011

Writers need to check facts

Two letters (CR, Aug. 25) did not get their facts straight. “Who defines marriage?” purports that the Constitution bars religious input into the political process. Learn about Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black’s membership in the KKK and virulent anti-Catholicism; then read the Heritage Foundation’s 2006 analysis about the mythical wall of separation. If we reject...
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Scripture and marriage

I would like to address Latia Stanley’s letter , “Who defines marriage?” (CR, Aug. 25). She approaches the issue of homosexual marriage from a liberal perspective and does not agree with the mixing of religious morality and legal definition. I would like to point her Romans 13:1-6, which states “Let everyone be subject to the...
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Archbishop Dolan WYD homilies now downloadable

Archbishop Timothy Dolan's during his homily at the U.S. Mass in Madrid (Photo by Matt Palmer) Many people have asked me about the ability to download some of the audio files from Archbishop Dolan’s various catechesis sessions, homilies and question and answer sessions at World Youth Day. I’m happy to report that they are now...
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