Scripture and marriage

I would like to address Latia Stanley’s letter , “Who defines marriage?” (CR, Aug. 25). She approaches the issue of homosexual marriage from a liberal perspective and does not agree with the mixing of religious morality and legal definition. I would like to point her Romans 13:1-6, which states “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.

It is clear that God intended there to be government and that governments, in their most noblest form, were instituted from on high to carry out God’s justice here on earth. I know this is not always the case. However, this is why we should care about what laws are made and put into effect. While there is separation of church and state in this country, there is never separation of state and Christian.

From a social justice point of view, consider the absolute increase in taxes and commodities homosexual marriage will cost society. In Genesis, God said, “Let us make them in our image, male and female we shall make them.” If we lose sight of this, we will lose sight of God and ourselves.

Catholic Review

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