Writers need to check facts

Two letters (CR, Aug. 25) did not get their facts straight. “Who defines marriage?” purports that the Constitution bars religious input into the political process. Learn about Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black’s membership in the KKK and virulent anti-Catholicism; then read the Heritage Foundation’s 2006 analysis about the mythical wall of separation. If we reject the Klan’s input on African-Americans, why do we accept it for Catholic Americans?

The author of “Civilian casualties, too” should have tacked the last two sentences of the second paragraph onto the first paragraph to best make her case. This is not WWII with massed formations of bombers destroying large areas to take out a relatively small target. When I was in Iraq I saw an untouched mosque next to a totally destroyed Republican Guard compound. That was impossible 40 years ago. It is wrong to equate civilians killed with the deliberate targeting of innocents by suicide bombers. The intent (read the Catechism) is the difference.

Catholic Review

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