December 6, 2010

Catholic Sister, Brother Earn Highest Scouting Honors

A sister and brother were presented with the highest awards given by the Girl and Boy Scouts of America at a joint ceremony held at their home parish, St. Michael’s Church in Overlea on December 5th. Elizabeth and Jacob Kempske, residents of Perry Hall, received the Gold and Eagle Scout awards, considered among the highest...
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‘Christ has no hands but ours’

It is said that after German bombers destroyed an English cathedral during the Second World War, dedicated volunteers worked to repair one of the church’s broken statues of Christ. Rather than restore the figure’s missing hands, the artisans left Christ handless – replacing the artwork’s “Come unto Me” inscription with “Christ has no hands but ours.”...
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Prince Caspian blog revisted: Where is God?

Prince Caspian ( Two years ago, I posted the blog below on our old blog format on Since we’re talking Narnia and Aslan today, I thought I would share this blog from 2008. It was posted after I saw “Prince Caspian,” the sequel to “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” —- Search for...
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Liam Neeson: Aslan not just Jesus

Is Aslan really meant to be Christ? Actor Liam Neeson, voice of “Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia” film series, believes the magical lion represents more than Christ.  Neeson, who was raised Catholic in Ireland, believes Aslan is all great spiritual leaders rolled into one figure. He said this at a press conference to promote...
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