November 17, 2008

Bible survey didn’t go in depth

A friend gave me The Catholic Review (Oct. 23). We are studying the Bible and I was fascinated by the seven questions referred to in the worldwide Bible study survey. My question: what was the percentage of Protestants vs. Catholics who answered 100 percent of the questions correctly? This is a more revealing fact than...
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Religious freedom hangs in the balance

Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien’s editorial (CR, Nov. 13) highlighted the disastrous effect President-elect Obama’s commitment to Freedom of Choice Act will have on the people of this country. However, his statement the “FOCA will undermine the freedom of religion upon which our country was founded” is far too mild. I believe FOCA will not undermine...
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Patients treated at St. Agnes express thanks

Laurie Long gives thanks for the one surgeon who would operate on her – all 440 pounds of her. Margaret Wiley saw divine intervention in the doctors and nurses who persuaded her to quit smoking after 50-plus years of puffing butts. Another patient recalled the “angels” in the hospital’s cancer center.
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Sullivan, Calvert Hall complete sweeps

Zach Sullivan, a senior at Archbishop Spalding High School, and Calvert Hall College High School completed sweeps of the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association and Maryland/D.C. Private Schools cross country titles.
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