April 18, 2008

Walkersville parishioner among first to set eyes on pope

Robert Morgan, a 19-year-old St. Timothy, Walkersville, parishioner and member of the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard, was one of the first Americans to see Pope Benedict XVI as he set foot on American soil, April 15.
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Papal Masses at baseball stadiums not new to U.S. Catholics

WASHINGTON – The Masses celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI in Washington and New York are the seventh and eighth papal Masses to be celebrated inside U.S. baseball stadiums.
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Letter about peace activists was disturbing

I was somewhat disturbed when I read Jim Devereaux’s letter (CR/April 10) in which he almost ridicules peace activists. Since when are peaceful demonstrations frowned upon in the U.S.? Where in the Gospel does Christ say sell your cloak and buy a sword? The Gospel I read says, “Sell your cloak and give to the...
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