Your life in thirty seconds

If you had only 30 seconds to create a slideshow of who you are, which photos do you choose?

That was my first assignment for my Introduction to Mass Communications class. 

When I first saw the assignment, I assumed I would have to speak in the video. Not the case with Animoto, the free app/website I used for the project. All I had to do was pick the right photos and keep it to 30 seconds. I chose photos representing me performing comedy, having fun at Free Comic Book Day, and a few others to represent me to an online class full of strangers.

I thought it was an interesting experiment as it depended so heavily on photos – the very thing we use to capture memories, document an event, and shape how people view ideas, people and issues facing society.

How much of our view of the world is based on images supplied to us by the media? How much influence do bloggers like me have on forming your opinions based on our words and images?

If you can’t tell, I find this subject very fascinating. But the point is really to see how much influence we allow the media to have in our lives. To do that, we really have to step outside of ourselves and separate what the media says as opposed to taking the time to really find out if you agree. We live in a world of sound bites and clips apologizing for taking the time to find out more or think about something for more than a minute.

I’m not writing this as a disillusioned mid-30s blogger (the curtain was pulled back long ago), rather as an insider. I’m an insider in this media world and it took a long time to accept. I have sway over opinions and have the privilege to take you into worlds you may never see. This makes me happy. It is my privilege to continue to write this blog and I hope you all keep enjoying it too!

Here is the short video I made for my communications class. Feel free to comment on this and my post below!

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