June 17, 2016

On the road for religious freedom, again

The rhythm, routine and Providence were similar, but this religious pilgrimage was also a bit different.Father Jack Lombardi and friends began another Religious Freedom Pilgrimage June 14, albeit without the fanfare and media attention that accompanied the Pilgrimage of Love and Mercy he led from Baltimore to Philadelphia last September
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Your life in thirty seconds

If you had only 30 seconds to create a slideshow of who you are, which photos do you choose? That was my first assignment for my Introduction to Mass Communications class.  When I first saw the assignment, I assumed I would have to speak in the
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“Building Community”: One brick at a time

If you’re looking for something fun, free, and fantastic to do this weekend, head over to the Baltimore Museum of Art to meet Josh Copus and participate in his interactive Brick Factory, which is part of his greater project “Building Community.” My mom, the boys, and
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