Year of the Eucharist - Resources for Parishes and Schools

Four Days of Encounter

The Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Institute for Evangelization is here to help support you as we enter the Year of Eucharist and enliven our experiences with the Eucharist throughout this important year of celebration and re-connection.

You probably have a lot of enthusiasm and your own creative ideas.  So go for it!  These resources were developed as a support to you as you incorporate the Eucharistic theme into your events and programs throughout the year. On this page you’ll find helpful guides, suggested activities and resources to assist you and your students and parishioners get the most out of the year and become closer to Christ.

Your input is much appreciated.  Send us your feedback, ideas, and personal stories about the Eucharist by submitting them through this page.  Encourage your students and their families to sign up for the Archdiocese-wide regular e-mail notification system.  And don’t forget to sign up yourself.   Use the marketing kit for your newsletters, posters, social media posts, parish web pages and general outreach.

A few weeks prior to each of the dates below, we will have sample lesson plans, homily ideas and  bulletin content available for download based on the given theme.

Join us to celebrate the Year of the Eucharist.

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