As we enter into what is usually our busiest time of year, we support you and we pray with you. You have continued the mission and given every effort to come up with creative and ingenious ways to connect to the people of your communities. You have become media experts and technology wizards all in the name of serving Jesus in the mission!

We strive to support you in your ongoing efforts to continue to improve. Therefore, we ask you to prayerfully discern with a focus on mercy, restoration, and consolation, the ministries of your parish in service to the community as we enter into Advent and the Christmas season. We know that there are so many things to consider and the mindset of our parishioners and community members is paramount among these. Many are broken and afraid, they have lost loved ones and jobs, their lives have been upended, and now, even the familiar solace of worship has been altered. Accompaniment of these souls, suffering in their wounded-ness and in need of healing, will require patience and understanding from us, their communities of faith.

We ask you to listen to their needs and offer these, and your own, resources as they may apply. Be ready to offer ways to return and do so with a sense of hospitality and welcome. Some particular areas to consider are the personal attitude and action of the staff and volunteers, the parish website and communications, and even the experience of the individual when they return to your buildings for worship. Now is an excellent time to consider what ministries should start, which should stop, and which should continue as we may see people back in our midst that have not been with us for some time. We ask you to be merciful. We ask you to be restorative. We ask you to seek the consolation of Jesus.

Join us to celebrate the Year of the Eucharist.

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Material Needs

Unplanned Pregnancy
to 313131
or call

Homelessness During Pregnancy

Emotional, Psychological or Legal Support

Maryland Crisis Hotline
Dial: 211 then option 1

Hopelessness and Suicide
1-800-273-8255 (24/7)
1-800-799-4889 (TTY)

Abusive Relationship and Past Abuse
800-799-7233 (24 hours)
800-787-3224 (TTY)
If in immediate danger, call 911