Archdiocesan Lay Pastoral Council Appointed Members

Eastern Vicariate
Regional Vicar: Msgr. Jay O’Connor

East Baltimore County Representative

  • Name: Elaine McCubbin
  • Profession: (Retired) CPA, Banker, State of Maryland Economic Development
  • Parish/City: Our Lady Queen of Peace, Middle River/23 years
  • Highlights of Parish Involvement: Parish Finance Committee Chair, Cantor, Lector
  • Why I Want to Serve on APC: We are living in challenging times for the Church, from within and without in the secularized world. I believe caring Catholics must get involved to help navigate these changes.

North Baltimore County Representative

  • Name: Stephanie Clancy
  • Profession: Retired – VP, T. Rowe Price
  • Parish/City: Church of the Nativity,Timonium/15 years
  • Highlights of Parish Involvement: Financial Council, Guest Services Minister, Adoration Minister and Eucharistic Minister
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: I am excited to serve on the Archdiocese Pastoral Council (APC) because I cherish my Catholic faith! Today, more than ever, it is critical that Archdiocesan leaders understand the feelings, perceptions, interests, and experiences of the laity. I would like to contribute to improving that understanding, and the APC can provide such a means on a regular and continuous basis. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I look forward to humbly listening to, and representing, the views of the parishioners in my region, to the Archdiocesan leadership.

West Baltimore County Representative

  • Name: Cynthia Frances Clarke
  • Profession: Registered Nurse
  • Parish/City: Holy Family Church, Randallstown/16 years
  • Highlights of Parish Involvement: Pastoral Council President; Sodality; Service Committee; Church social events; Formation of Adult Ministry; past catechist, DRE, and Pastoral Counselor.
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: I’m interested in serving on the APC because as an RN (and nice person all around) I have a natural ability and skill when working with others to alleviate their fears, concerns, and demonstrate genuine concern when doing so.  During my years as a nurse, I’ve learned and appreciated what it means to work with those considered different than… It’s that knowledge that I feel is needed within the church – and I can help. I think as a society, we look for differences rather than similarities in one another, and we love talking about how we are different. For me, that’s EGO not spiritual. GOD  first; everything else will fall into place. In addition, I’m excited to learn what it’s like working more closely with the Archdiocese.

Harford County Representative

  • Name: Anita Cain
  • Profession:  IT Senior Project/Program Manager
  • Parish/City:  Saint Mark Roman Catholic Church, Fallston/21 years
  • Highlights of Parish Involvement:  Pastoral Council president and member, Catechist, Youth and Young Adult advisory committee, Liturgy Committee, FaithFest Maryland Project Manager
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: I am passionate about my faith and religion. I want to share my passion and help support the initiatives to keep our faithful supported while continuing the efforts to attract the Inactive and Marginal Catholics.

Anne Arundel County Representative

  • Name: Sara Miller
  • Profession: Educator
  • Parish: St. Mary’s, Annapolis/7 years
  • Highlights of Parish Involvement: Walking With Purpose Bible Study leader, Substitute catechist for Elementary Faith Formation, Wedding Coordinator
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: I believe that lay people becoming more involved in the church is one real way to make a difference. A council of lay members such as this one offers a unique opportunity for me to live out the church’s mission of unity, through knowledge of each other, dialogue, and collaboration.  Throughout the world, the Catholic Church has set up institutions from schools to hospitals that help millions of people every day.  The body of the church, its members, go out in the world and serve God’s people, shining Christ’s light to those in darkness. That is what I want the Catholic Church to be known for.  That is what makes me proud to be Catholic. I believe that being a member of this council would allow me to add to the work of the church in bringing Christ to the world and showing that we are His through the way we live.

Urban Vicariate
Regional Vicar: Bishop Denis Madden


Harbor/Metro West Representative

  • Name: Larry Simmons
  • Profession: Community Outreach Consultant
  • Parish/City: New All Saints, Baltimore/12 Years
  • Highlights of Parish Involvement: Pastoral Council Secretary for 6 years, member of a committee that raised funds for new windows, represented the church in efforts to secure a grocery store in the surrounding community. Past Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus, Cardinal Shehan Council # 205
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: Serving on the APC is an excellent opportunity to share the concerns and ideas of the parishioners and to work with the team to research and recommend solutions to the Archbishop.

Harbor/Metro East Representative

  • Name: Jesus Eusebio Perez
  • Parish: Sacred Heart of Jesus, Baltimore
  • Profession: Administrative assistant, Archbishop Borders School; community leader
  • Highlights of Parish Involvement: immigrant community advocate through parish involvement, Quinceañera planner
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: I want to serve my parish community and the church and make sure that my community is informed, educated, and have the resources needed. I believe we are better when we all work together as one community.

Western Vicariate
Regional Delegate: Deacon Christopher Yeung


Central Representative

  • Name: Richard Babbitt
  • Profession: Operations Manager – Manufacturing
  • Parish/City: John the Evangelist, Frederick/3 years
  • Highlights of Parish Involvement: Active member and officer in Knights of Columbus, St. John’s Council #1622; Member Bishop McNamara Assembly #384; facilitator for parish small group discussion on church abuse crisis; support kids and wife with faith formation, children’s liturgy, and choir.
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: My wife and I lean heavily on our faith and church teachings to help us raise our kids and give us perspective through life’s challenges. The well-publicized church crisis has many people moving away from the church and her teachings. This is the time to get more involved and take an active role in ensuring my family and children have the same empowering faith experience I had growing up. This is an opportunity to support the church as it has supported me, both at my local parish and the archdiocese at large.

South Central Representative

  • Name: Consuelo Petro
  • Profession: Teacher
  • Parish/City: St. John the Evangelist, Columbia/19 years
  • Highlights of Parish Involvement – DRE for parish children who attend public or non-Catholic private schools; support families in evangelizing their children in God’s faith; Lector, Secretary for the Hispanic Committee.
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: I want to serve as a member of the APC to help bring together the Archdiocese and the Hispanic community to work actively in the Evangelization processes. I would, also, like to support the Archbishop in implementing the mechanisms to help the new generation of parishioners feel identified with their faith.

Western Representative

  • Name: Camilla Rawe
  • Profession: Retired DRE
  • Parish: Divine Mercy Parish at St. Ann Church, Grantsville/37 years
  • Parish Involvement: Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Mission Team member, Bible Study Facilitator
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: Serving on this Council would give me an opportunity to help not only my parish but also the archdiocese.

Young Adult Community Representative

  • Name: Chelsea Baranoski
  • Profession: Proofreader
  • Parish/City: Jane Frances de Chantal, Pasadena/Lifelong Parishioner
  • Highlights of Parish/Church Involvement: Theology on Tap Coordinator for Anne Arundel Catholic, the regional young adult ministry for Anne Arundel County.  Manager of Facebook, email, and bulletin communications for Anne Arundel Catholic.  Small group leader for Alpha at St. John’s in Severna Park; Volunteer for Youth Alpha at St. Jane Frances in Pasadena.
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: I desire to be a voice for young adults and to help grow, strengthen, and support the young adult community in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  I also desire to grow in my own faith while learning how to enhance the faith of others.

Latino Community Representative

  • Name: Gloria Olivares
  • Profession: Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
  • Parish/City: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Glyndon/ 7 years
  • Highlights of Parish Involvement: Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, Liturgy Coordinator of the Catholic Charismatic of Prayer group Sendero de Luz, Evangelization of Crecimientos, CEB’s facilitator.
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: My entire family is Catholic. I was raised in the Catholic faith. I am an immigrant from Chile, and I have been living in the USA for the last 30 years. I have experienced how difficult it is to adjust to another culture, language and how important is God in those moments. I have some ideas on how to help parishioners to understand the importance of taking care of each other. As an immigrant, I can help the APC understand the challenges of the Latino communities in our State.

African American Community Representative

  • Name: Honorable Alexander Wright, Jr.
  • Profession: Associate judge, Court of Special Appeals
  • Parish: New All Saints Catholic Church, Baltimore City/20 years
  • Highlights of Parish/Church Involvement: Lifelong Catholic; Corporator; Catholic Charities participation; Board Member, Good Shepard Services 2008 – 2016; Franciscan Center, 2018 – Present, Vice-Chair
  • Why I want to serve on the APC: As a life-long resident of Baltimore City and the surrounding area, I see so much need.  It is my belief that we, as members of the flock, have a responsibility to help address this need.  The reconstitution of the Pastoral Council can be used as a vehicle to make a difference in all of our communities and by doing so strengthen our church.