Thanks from parish Respect Life Committee

Thank you for covering the banning of churches from Hampdenfest (CR, Oct. 6). Organizers are backpedaling to say that the banning of churches was a “misstatement” or “misunderstanding,” but in fact the organizers sent St. Thomas Aquinas an email saying there would be no “religious or faith based groups” in this year’s festival. That seemed to apply to all churches, and that’s how local churches interpreted it.

Organizers will not make that mistake again, but they continue to say a pro-life booth is “inappropriate,” because it generates lots of complaints. We continue to say our display of healthy babies showing human development before birth is beautiful, and attracts much positive attention. In addition, our booth has information on crisis pregnancy centers, which offer women a valid choice, a choice we all can live with. We intend to continue our fight for the right of all churches (including those with pro-life views) to participate in community events, and will keep you posted.

Taylor is a member of the St. Thomas Aquinas Respect Life Committee.

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