Thanks for important reminder

I want to comment on Father Peter J. Daly’s article, “Baby’s early death teaches important lesson on life” (CR, July 19).
Like the individuals mentioned in this article, my husband and I also experienced a miscarriage of just about the same time gestation as the parents mentioned in this article. Our loss occurred over six years ago.
This article was so very meaningful to me even after all of the years gone by.
Miscarriage is such a traumatic event. Any woman who has experienced any loss during pregnancy knows how devastating it is to lose a child in the womb.
Others view the loss as less “significant” in the case of a first trimester loss, because it is so early in the pregnancy. I discovered that when our loss occurred.
I was so grateful to read how this couple took time and care to ensure that their child, Jose-Maria, was given a proper burial and was held with the same respect and dignity that every human person so deserves. I, too, made sure of this at the time of our loss.
Thank you, Father Daly, for assisting this family and just for bringing the presence of Christ to this couple at a most difficult time. Thank you, as well, for reminding us all, especially those who have experienced a loss during pregnancy, of the value of human life, especially for those unborn.

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