Boiler Maintenance Program

Annual Boiler Preventative Maintenance Program

In addition to the State mandated biennial inspections, regular servicing and maintenance is essential to maintain the optimum operating efficiency and safety; and ensure long-term reliability of all equipment, particularly pressurized vessels such as boilers, air tanks and large hot water tanks.

With any appliance or system, the best time for maintenance is right before heavy use.  With regard to heating, this would be right before the winter months.  The last thing you want is for your heat to break under the strain of continuous use when you need it most.

It is far less expensive to repair a small issue with maintenance, than to replace the entire system when it breaks.  The longer your system goes without regular heating maintenance, the more likely that some undiscovered problem could compromise the integrity of the entire unit.  When that happens, your only choice is often to replace the unit at a heavy cost.  At that point, you are both losing money and having to deal with the inconvenience of a cold building and possibly being forced to suspend parish or school operations.

The lifespan of your heating system depends on a number of different factors including climate, usage, and maintenance.  Neglecting things like maintenance always unnecessarily shortens the life of your heating system.  The better care you provide for your heating, the longer it will last and the more money you will save.  Since maintenance is one of the most important considerations for any HVAC unit, keeping up with regular heating maintenance will ensure that your unit lasts much longer.

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