Risk Management FAQ

I need to know how to …
Report a claim
Submit a request to add or delete a building from our schedule of insurance
Submit a request to add or delete a vehicle from our schedule of autos.  IMPORTANT:  proof of ownership is required without exception.
Secure a replacement insurance auto identification card
Secure a copy of your locations monthly Property and Liability insurance invoice
Secure a copy of a certificate of insurance previously issued
Submit a Third Party Special Event Waiver Application
Enroll to use the risk management system Quadra
Secure a list of pre-qualified claim contractors
Find a snow removal contractor

Request a certificate of insurance

A certificate of insurance is a document issued on behalf of insurance companies affirming to a third party, the certificate holder, information about the insurance policies issued to your location.

Generally speaking, certificates list one or more lines of insurance, the limits associated with those coverage’s, and the insurer providing coverage.   Such informational certificates are usually issued in conjunction with a contractual relationship between a third party and your location, requiring that your location have a particular amount and type of insurance. Such requirements are particularly common in leases, employment contracts, office equipment leases and use of facility agreements. In addition to describing the insurance available to your location, a certificate may also convey information that the certificate holder is an additional insured under the policy.

Click here to request a new certificate of insurance.  If the certificate holder is to be listed as an additional insured, a copy of the contract/agreement is required.  Kindly provide a copy along with completing the request.