Special Events Program


Periodically a location is approached by an individual or a non-parish sponsored group seeking use of their facilities for a “special event”. For purposes of this program, a “special event” is limited to a one time activity that is less than 72 hours in duration or a recurring event which occurs no more than 12 times in a 12 month period. While each location is protected under the insurance program offered through the Archdiocese, it is required that the individuals or groups seeking to use the location’s facilities provide proof of general liability insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000 per event. Those seeking to use the facilities can satisfy this insurance requirement by either providing proof of insurance in the prescribed amount or the facility user can participate in the Special Events Program.  Below is the Facility Use Agreement (Updated June 2021: includes COVID language) which needs to be completed and signed for all third party events.
Third Party Special Event Facility Use Agreement

Proof of Insurance

For those individuals or groups that have access to insurance and wish to produce proof of their own insurance, a certificate of insurance with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 in general liability coverage must be provided covering the date of the event. Additionally, the certificate must name both the location (Lessor) and the Archdiocese as additional insureds. The certificate must provide additional insured status to the Lessor and the Archdiocese by clearly including the following language: “Roman Catholic Archbishop of Baltimore, a corporation sole, and <the legal name of the Parish, School, or Location> named as Additional Insureds with respect to use of facility on <date>”.

Special Events Insurance Waiver Application

Individuals or groups who are unable to obtain proof of insurance can elect to participate in the Special Events Program by completing the Third Party Special Events Waiver Application. By participating in the Special Events Program, the person or entity hosting the activity, as well as the Archdiocese and the location, will be afforded liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 per event. This coverage is primary over the coverage afforded to the location through the Archdiocese program. Keep in mind that participating in this program is a waiver of the insurance requirement stated in the Third Party Special Event Facility Use Agreement. Neither the location nor the Archdiocese is selling insurance coverage to the facility user.

Important Note:  if the participation of the event is over 500 OR the event is a recurring event, please contact our office for a quote.

Requests for waivers should be submitted as soon as possible.  In no cases are requests to be submitted any later than 2 business days prior to the event taking place.  For example:  If the event is occurring on a weekend the request should be received no later than 10 AM on the Thursday morning prior to the weekend the event is to be held.  Any requests received late could be rejected by the carrier.

After submitting the waiver application, any date changes or cancelations must be reported to  riskmanagement@archbalt.org as soon as possible.  The special event program is date specific and you must provide advance notice on all changes and cancelations. We will not issue refunds on canceled events unless we are notified in advance.

What and Who is covered by the Special Events Program?

This overview is intended to provide a general summary of the coverage and some of the significant limitations of the coverage. This document is not intended to be an exhaustive explanation. Common events which are deemed as Special Events include wedding receptions, family reunions, award banquets and birthday parties to name a few. Certain types of events are prohibited and will not be afforded use of the Special Events Program. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Any event lasting longer than 72 hours
  • Fireworks
  • Events involving amusement devices or trampolines
  • Carnivals
  • Any event organized or funded by a professional promoter
  • Sporting events such as camps or tournaments
  • Events involving recreational vehicles
  • Events involving substantial contact with minors as defined by the Office of Child and Youth Protection policies

The special events program provides $1,000,000 in liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage coverage for the facility user, the Parish and the Archdiocese. Please make special note that the $1,000,000 limit is a per event coverage and includes each of the three entities previously noted within the limit. Host liquor liability is included in the program.