Internet Claims Reporting

How to Report Worker’s Compensation, Property, General Liability and Auto Insurance Claims

To ensure the expedited handling of reported claims on behalf of your location, report all claims using the links below. On-line claim reporting has been developed to ensure convenience in reporting, accurate recording of claim information and the timely response to reported claims.

For a significant loss where immediate assistance is required, report the matter via telephone by calling the Office of Risk Management at 410-547-5424 during normal business hours. For after hour losses, please use the afterhours reporting number at 1-866-650-2713.

Upon submitting your electronic claim report, it will be routed directly to the Office of Risk Management. Your location will also receive an electronic verification acknowledging receipt of the claim report. Upon receipt of the claim by the Office of Risk Management, the matter will be promptly assigned. The assigned claims representative will contact your location within 24 hours of receipt of the claim.

In order to report a claim, select the correct loss notice form from the list below and enter the requested information. Be sure to input your location or select your location from the search box which most accurately describes your location or program. For Priests reporting an automobile claim on your own vehicle, please input/select your name from the search list in the location field. It is important to complete the claim report as soon as possible following the loss. If you do not have all of the requested information, please proceed with reporting the claim with the information that is immediately available. Once you have completed all of the known information, file the report by selecting the “Complete Incident” button located at the top right of the screen.