Catechesis for Family Life

Healthy Relationships for Catholic Family Life

All people are called to cultivate the virtue of chastity, which allows us to imitate Christ in doing what is right, good and truly loving in the areas of relationships and sexual morality. For program assistance the the Division of Catechetical and Pastoral Formation at 410-547-5405

“Assisting parents of adolescents and youth in the formation of their children for chaste living is essential to their formation in the Catholic faith and should be mandatory in Catholic schools and in parish religious education and youth ministry programs” (Catechetical Formation for Chaste Living, USCCB, 2009).

Child Protection Education in the Context of Catholic Family Life

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is committed to providing children and their parents with education about child sexual abuse within the context of a holistic catechesis for chaste living. This catechesis is to be offered as an important component of the curriculum of religious instruction and faith formation in the parish or school setting, from kindergarten through high school.

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