Excommunication of women priests questioned

I take exception to the high-handed method in which the Vatican has chosen to stop the seemingly-benign practice of ordination of women. To place it on the same page (CR, July 22) as child sexual abuse misses the mark. To say that the women and the priests doing the ordination will be excommunicated is beyond reason.

No Roman legion employed women. Today, women serve in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have women that are Eucharistic Ministers and our young girls are even altar servers. I believe that the Vatican has overstepped its bounds and has diminished the stature of women worldwide.

For too long the Vatican swept child abuse by priests under the rug, sending offenders into monastic life rather than turning them over to authorities. Now it seems to want to focus on a non-threatening practice, except to their male powers.

Let women be ordained and have equal rights in the Catholic Church, just as they are acquiring them in other fields.

Catholic Review

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