Child protection our year-round focus

For the past month, our Archdiocese has joined other institutions and organizations committed to the safety and well-being of children in recognizing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. While our child protection efforts are our focus throughout the year, it does present an opportunity to reflect on what our Church – primarily through the diligence of those working and volunteering in our parishes and schools – is doing every day to protect the children entrusted to our care from the scourge of sexual abuse.

Since the scope of the sexual abuse crisis became clear in the early part of the past decade, the Catholic Church has arguably done more to protect children than any other organization in the United States. There are 68 million Catholics in the United States and there were six credible allegations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church last year. Six too many and our efforts must continue, but our efforts to make our Church safer are working.


Catholic Review

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